We encourage our employees, suppliers and other external parties to report incidents and serious misconduct that there is a public interest in their disclosure.
Examples of such events are:
• Financial crime and fraud
• Offering or accepting bribes and corruption
• Environmental crimes and/or other legal violations that pose a safety risk to life and health
• Serious forms of harassment and discrimination

The purpose of the service is not to capture dissatisfaction with working conditions, management or conflicts in the workplace.
Reporting of misconduct that exclusively affects the whistleblower or his work situation is generally not considered to be a whistleblower matter.
When you submit a report, you must have good reason to believe that the information known to you is true at the time of the report.

Your report

To blow the whistle, use the link below which leads to our external reporting system. Your report is received and handled by HR and the CEO, who together decide how the case should be handled.
You can of course make an anonymous report.
If you choose to report anonymously and wish to follow up on your case or provide additional information, it is important that you note the case number that you receive after your report has been completed. Without your case number, there is no possibility to follow up afterwards or provide additional information anonymously in your case.

Your notification must contain the following information:
• What type of incident you want to report
• Where it happened
• When it happened
• Enter the date and time and if it is something that has happened repeatedly
• Information about other measures you may have taken in connection with what happened
You must not submit any personal data that is not of decisive importance for the reporting. If you still submit such information, we may delete it without informing you.

Anonymous or confidential reporting

You have the option to choose between anonymous reporting or to enter your name and contact details when submitting a report.

If you choose anonymous reporting, your identity will remain completely hidden unless you voluntarily disclose personal information afterwards. There is no obligation to disclose any personal data.

If you choose confidential reporting, you can provide your name and contact information, which can facilitate the investigation and any necessary follow-up actions.
Appropriate measures will be taken to protect your identity and the information you provide, in accordance with the Whistleblower Protection Act.
We also ensure that whistleblowers do not risk reprisals.

Internal and external reporting

You can use our internal reporting channel to report incidents and serious misconduct in our organization. You can also report externally to a competent authority that receives, gives feedback and follows up on the matter.
Further information can be found via Arbetsmiljöverket

Whistleblowing portal

Follow the link below to get to our whistleblowing portal.

Click here