About ITS

We are a full service company in logistics with strategically-located premises at the demographic heart of Sweden.
Thanks to sound knowledge, close collaboration and personal service, as well as a motivated staff, we can offer efficient services in storage, goods handling, distribution, documentation and customs services.


Today we offer a wide range of services including distribution, documentation, customs clearance and warehousing. The road from being a one-man customs declarator to a modern, versitile logistics partners has been both exciting and enriching.

When Sweden joined the EU, a large proportion of our traditional activities disappeared. We found ourselves forced to innovate and change, something that in retrospect has proven to be well worth the effort.

In 1992 we built our first warehouse in Åsbro and by the turn of the century we had extended it four times to its current capacity of 8 000 square meters. In 2002, ITS was named Company of the year in Askersunds municipality. Then in 2007, we took the important decision to build an additional warehouse in Hallsberg. This warehouse, which is located right next to the Hallbergs Kombiterminal, is a hypermodern logistic complex of 23 000 square meters. Today we have a total storage area of 50 000 square meters in Hallsberg and Åsbro.

Finally, in 2008, ITS became what is known as a 'gazelle company' with a turnover growing by 170% in three years.

One of the major advantages of ITS is that we are a flexible and totally neutral family-owned firm, which means that we are not tied to any specific transporters, but are free to choose. Another important strength is our geographical location: over 71% of the population of Sweden, plus the whole Oslo region of Norway, lies within a radius of 250 km. Our activities are characterized by know-how, experience and great flexibility. Quality assurance and adaptation to the needs of our customers has always been a top priority.

-Ulf Dahl
Chairman and founder of ITS


Our warehouses


In early October 2008 ITS inaugurated its new premises in Hallsberg. The warehouse, with its 23 000 square meters of heated warehouse space and 9 ports for loading and unloading, is strategically located in Hallsberg and with only a few kilometers from highway 50 and E20. Directly adjacent is railway terminal of Hallberg. There 45 000 units per year are unloaded and loaded in the form of containers and trailers.


The warehouse in Åsbro was built in the year of 1992 and consisted of offices and a small warehouse. Since then, the area has been extended four times and currently has heated warehouse space of 10,000 square meters and about 200 square meters of office space. From Åsbro we handle most of the administrative and customs work.


Quality and environment

We work after a quality and environmental management system based on ISO 9001:2015- and ISO 14001:2015-standards. This means that we strive to identify our business processes, define the methods to meet customer requirements, ensuring productive resources, following up our operations and working with continuous improvements.
In order to improve the environment we are working continuously to identify our operational load and how to reduce it.



Authorised Economic Operator, AEO, is a joint EU certification programme, designed to increase the security in the world as well as to harmonise the customs related operations within the EU and make them more efficient.

ITS Logistics Partners AB is a full AEO-certified company (customs simplification and safety and protection). This because we have been able to show the swedish customs documented work procedures regarding customs management and security and protection work and that we continuously update and comply with these procedures.

General requirements to become AEO certified:

- Appropriate record of its past compliance with swedish customs requirements.
- A satisfactory system of managing commercial and, where appropriate, booking shipments, which allows appropriate customs controls.
- Where appropriate, proven financial solvency, and, where applicable, appropriate security and safety standards.