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From customs declarator to multi-functional logistics partner.

ITS was founded in 1985 as a sole proprietor who devoted themselves to making customs declarations on the client's behalf. We worked continually in customs services and established a good reputation in that market. Over the years we have developed into a full service company providing total solutions in logistics.

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We work in modern premises located in Åsbro and Hallsberg 30 kilometers south of Örebro. The geographical location is no coincidence. Distribution from here reaches most of Sweden and our neighboring countries overnight.

Because we have our own agreements with transporters, we can provide off-the-shelf solutions that mean you don’t have to waste time comparing prices and services from various transporters. We can therefore ensure high quality and maintain high service levels.



By using this service, you obtain an overall solution in which we take over the physical activity, and also provide you with accounting support that shows how your workflow is progressing. Our sophisticated data system communicates with most other systems for mutual transfer. This service gives you easily-accessible information that support your planning and decision-making.

  • EDI transfer
  • Order management
  • Delivery in/out
  • Billing
  • Customer Accounts
  • Customer Service
  • Handling of complaints and returns
  • Stock balance reconciliation
  • Deviation report
  • Payment reminders
  • Sales statistics

Goods handling

We deal with many different kinds of goods, and adapt our approach so that they are handled optimally.

We adapt each layout so that it is managed optimally. We have a contact person at the office that has the main responsibility for managing your order. Also on the warehouse there is a contact person who can setup and be responsible for ensuring that goods handling such as packing, spreading and labeling is correct. Of course, we are at least two people in the office as well as the warehouse that are familiar with handling your orders.

We offer the following services:

  • Unload and loading of container
  • Pick and Pack
  • Repackaging
  • Quality control and inspection
  • Inventory
  • Rent of heated storage area (pallet location, floor area)
  • Rent of enclosed storage space outdoors
  • Bonded warehouse

Assembly and repackaging

In our fully developed workshop we undertake pre-assembly and other simple assembly work.

We also undertake all types of repackaging, as well as sorting and labelling tasks.


Customs and administration

Our certified customs software is directly connected to the Swedish Customs computer system, which means a quick and efficient handling of your customs orders. We keep you updated on new rules and regulations and have all kinds of special permits from the Swedish customs. ITS is AEO certified by the Swedish customs, which means you can be sure that our work is of high quality and high security.

We can assist you with anything from import declarations to bonded warehouse. Below are some of the services we provide.

  • Simplified declaration
  • Supplementary declaration
  • Direct declaration
  • Export declaration
  • License Application
  • Transit document
  • Settlement notes
  • Inward processing
  • Bonded warehouse

Contact us at 0582-88450 or email us at tull@itslogistik.se for more information.



Need help with accounting for your Intrastat?

Instratat is reported monthly and is a survey of Sweden's commodity trade with other EU countries.
ITS has long experience and knowledge as agent for reporting intrastat.

Contact us for more information at info@itslogistik.se